Seven Color Lizard Light Maximus Starter Kit


Seven Color Lizard Light Maximus Starter Kit
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Make your bike a showstopper with our Seven Color Lizard Lights that offer you everything you need to make quite a statement and more.The controller is capable of running up to 16 lights.

The chameleon of L.E.D. accent lights offers three spectacular modes:
• Single color steady illumination
• Single color flashing illumination with variable rate
• Paint Mode: All lights, in unison, continuously fading into and out of each of the seven colors (red, lime, ice blue, sky blue, dark blue, purple, green). The rheostat can be used to adjust how quickly the lights fade from one to the next.

Maximus Starter Kit Contains eight Seven Color Lizard Lights, controller, four "Y" connectors, four double male connectors, six double female connectors, six 9" extensions, two 12" extensions, alcohol pads, dielectric grease, cable ties, and spare adhesive pads.

Note: Lizard Lights are not compatible with Moon or Flex Lights.

Disclaimer:Laws and enforcement of laws pertaining to auxiliary lighting vary from state to state. If you are concerned about your area, we encourage you to check with your local authorities before making your purchase.

4 Member Reviews

Yuma, AZ

I added these with the infinity lights, I installed them under saddle bags, the grill in front of saddle bags, radiator grill and cowl vents. Make sure you plan your wiring routes. I figured out where I wanted to mount the lights and then routed wires. Control box mounts in the left side fairing box. Time spent about 2 hours

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Mr. Cool
Suffolk, VA
Lizard lights

Please tell me why the pig tails are so short?!?!?!?!?! These lights are beautiful however, for the $$$$$$$ paid, i should be shortening all wirers and not required to extend them also the longer lights ahould be included to make the set complete. The controller is poorly made, it is not mountable on the outside or attractive.

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No Instructions

I would rate these higher except I haven't installed them yet. I have seen them on other bikes and they look great, but for the cost, they really need to come with locational instructions. They are for a wing and it shouldn't be that hard to make a drawing showing the locations. I will rerate when and if I get them installed.

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Shoreacres, TX

The Lizard lights are well made and the maximus starter kit has everything you need even extra pads if you change your mind where you wan the lights. Would have given 5 stars if the instructions included locations and hints for Goldwings. Took about 5 1/2 hours. But hind site could be done in half that time. REALLY LIKE THE LOOK! Much better than just one color.

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