Total Protection Kit Air Bag Model GL1800 1st Gen


Total Protection Kit Air Bag Model GL1800 1st Gen
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Total Protection Kit Mix Tankslapper Tank/Middle/3M Frt & Rear - Air Bag Model GL1800 1st Gen

Tankslapper Motorcycle Protection Kits are now available for the Honda GL1800 1st Gen Gold Wing motorcycle thru Wingstuff. Available in a MIX of 3M in front and rear with the Tankslapper Static Sheets for the Tank and Mid Section.

Total Protection Kits - Consist of a combination of both "Tankslapper" and 3M's urethane films, covering recognizable areas of vulnerability that our kits typically protect. While we offer the same versions cut entirely from the 3M film, we recommend that the tank top portion be cut from the "Tankslapper" material as many riders only occasionally use their tank bags, thus affording you the option of removing it when not in use.

Why use a combination of film types? - In an effort to keep prices low, we find it necessary to use the 3M film sparingly, as the cost of this durable film is quite high. Many riders prefer the option of being able to reuse the product over and over again which is only possible with the "Tankslaper" film, once removed the 3M adhesive backed material is not reusable because the adhesive, while still sticky enough to stay in place, would have suffered cosmetically from the rigors of the removal process.

Why use 3M film? - We find certain areas that need protection offer challenges that can only be met by the properties of an adhesive backed material. For example, lower areas of body work on motorcycles generally involve a great number of contours all in a very small area, this is particularly challenging for a any plastic type film that doesn't have the advantage of an adhesive side to hold it in place (in a reliable fashion). Additionally, the protection from stones flying up from your front wheel will punish anything less than the best materials, and 3M's urethane film is designed specifically for this task.

Total Protection Kit Choices - Total Kit Mix as picture shows 3M Sections are in RED and Tank & Middle are in ultra thin Tankslapper Static  pieces  OR  Total Kit  with ALL pieces in 3M material.  We also offer just the Tank Sides in the static attaching ultra thin Tankslapper material which also includes the Fuel Door along with the Bow-Tie Section below the fuel door.

Available for both Air Bag Model Honda GL1800 1st Gen Gold Wings

Tankslapper Static Attaching Protection Kits - Made from a crystal clear polished poly vinyl. We tested many manufactures of this type of material and found one that worked 10 times better than most we tried. Most of the material We tested was not quite as flexible as it needed to be, and wouldn't conform to the various contours of a tank pocket. None, had the adhesive quality of this material. This vinyl is durable, pliable, crystal clear and has outstanding adhesion. It's only .8 mil thick so it nearly disappears into your tank. There is no sticky adhesive, so the installation is much easier and will only take you minutes and it stays in place. We often get asked the difference between the Tankslapper and 3M materials, here's a quick run down.

The 3M film is adhesive backed - While the "Tankslapper" material is not, The 3M film can adhere to a greater degree of contour (because of the adhesive), has a slightly better shine, is harder at the surface, and is less likely to stain because of it. The Tankslapper material can be removed and replaced over and over again, the 3M film is once on, and off once. The 3M film is more difficult to install where harsh contours are involved, but at the same time, once installed it will not move or roll back regardless of the abuse it is subject to. On the other hand, the "Tankslapper" film can pull back along the edge if not cared for or installed properly. In our Total Protection kits, the frontal and lower areas of the bike always get cut in the 3M film because of its stain resistance and staying power over our static material. In other words bug and road tar can be cleaned off with polish. In addition, with the advantage of an adhesive holding it in place, it isn't going to be disturbed by sand, gravel and stones that so often attacks that area of the your bike's bodywork. In fact, in order to damage your paint finish with this pliable material in place, it would first take enetration that would break or dent your bodywork. I other areas of your bike like the top of the tank or the tail section, the "Tankslapper" film is a good alternative because it does just as good job of stopping abrasion from contact with rider and passenger, while at the same time helping to keep the overall cost of our "Total Protection Kits" as low as possible.

For Tank Only Use - Our recommendation is to go with the less expensive "Tankslapper" kit. In most applications, (with the possible exception of aggressive track day use) it looks good and works great. But if you insist on the "best", with the least maintenance and the best overall look, "3M's" urethane protection film should be your choice. So you've had our kit in place for a few years and it's time to trade-in or sell your bike. If you've decided to remove the film to show the prospective buyer that the paint on your bike is as it was the day it was new?

The "Tankslapper" film can be removed in an instant, no special tools or conditions, and of course you can reinstall it if you wish. The 3M film is easily removed as well. What's needed is some warmth form the sun and a finger nail to get it started at one edge. Once you have enough of it up to where you can grab it your fingers, stretch the rest of it off by tugging it in the opposite direction from which it is releasing from your paint or lens. In this way, the adhesive will stay with the film. The only residual evidence of the films application at that point will be the absence of damage.

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Lake Orion, MI
3M Tank Protection Kit Is Great

Installed the 3M tank kit on my 2016 goldwing is it looks great. Precise fit and great finish. Not difficult to inatall. Buy with confidence.

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Lincoln, CA
Save Your Paint

I got these after I noticed I was starting to scuff the paint on my GL1800 tank from my legs while squeezing the tank while attacking the twisties. I put on only the tank slappers and I am so glad I did. They survived my 10,032 mile retirement ride which saw 100degree plus temperatures and pounding rain storms and the slappers held up wonderfully. They did start to bubble on the ride so I just peeled them back a bit re-wet them and wiped out the moisture and they were good as new. If you want to save your paint, you gotta get these!

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Centennial, CO

I am on my third set of just the tank static cling film. The first set went on well, just took my time, used a lot of water with alcohol in it, worked the bubbles out, got the contour just right. About the time the film was too hazy from my Olympia Air Glide nylon riding pants scratching it up, the edges began to pick up just a little. So I bought a second set. Same thing, but I had a little more trouble getting all the bubbles out and had to do the install twice. Now I am ready to do it again.

All considered, it is the nicest-looking solution that fully solves the scratch problem. I don't like the look of the solid tank protectors, and I don't think they will protect enough area. These cover pretty much all the area that is in the scratch zone.


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This is a great package and the 3m stuff is bullet proof however ***CAUTION*** unless you have significant experience installing tint or 3m materials DO NOT attempt this yourself, I had it done by a friend who is a professional installer and I can say "this is not a job for the ave or even above ave guy" non 3m material is of questionable value, I would stick with the 3m package only, JMHO!!

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hound dog
Banning, CA

I bought the combo kit for $49.95, watched the video, printed out the instructions and read them, and as the instructions said, called Lucas,the manufacturer who said no problem!
While Lucas is very nice and is helpful, this Tankslapper film is just awful to get installed without a lot of time(I have about one full day doing and redoing the whole job) and a lot of silver bubbles showing up after it drys.
The 3M film is better, but trouble too with lint and dust can ruin it, and shows "stretch marks" very easily (the headlights and fender are just a awful hard job).
This might be "good stuff" but needs to be installed by Lucas. This is just too unsatisfactory for self installation without showing silver bubbles and trapped lint., and ruining your day!
If the Tankslapper comes off during a bike wash, I'll be really pissed.

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