Air Bag Model Clear Lens Fog Light Kit

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Air Bag Model Clear Lens Fog Light Kit
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Fits 2006-2010 Airbag Model GL1800, and fits 2012+ GL1800 Gold Wings. Showchrome GL1800 Air Bag Model Lower Clear Fog Light Kit cast a slightly wider beam of light, which helps illuminate objects at greater distances as well as great side lighting. Fog Light Kit plug into existing wire harness with no splicing required.

Fog lights are excellent to improve safety through increased visibility to others vehicles. These White Clear Fog Lights supplement your headlights, giving extra illumination while adding safety. They can be used as marker lights to increase your visibility to on-coming traffic attracting more attention than just a headlight. Fog Light Kit plugs into existing wire harness with no splicing required. Kits install easily install into the front lower cowl and include all necessary wiring, lights and switches.

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Garden City, MN
High Quality Product

Just installed these lights on my Honda F6B. Fairly easy to install. Directions are good. I don't understand the issues of others about the wiring harness being too short. Honestly everything fit perfectly. I am very impressed with the entire system. It reminds me of the OEM Honda products. Very happy with the lights and would highly recommend them.

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Great lights that match the OEM headlight colour :)

I like these lights because they aren't LED and they actually match the colour of the OEM headlights. I hate to see different shades of white/cream light on a bike.
These are easy to fit, they are great quality and they're just plug&play install.
When I fit these onto +2012 model bikes I fit the filler panels as supplied by BikeMP3 and they look great.

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Tavares, FL

I was going to pay someone to install he wanted $125 for 2 hours So I also used the youtube video it was easy to install all plugs fit and the switch was easy to install. Puts out bright light and added visibility took about an hour to install.

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Feilding, NZ

I'm very pleased with these lights as they do provide a significant amount of extra light close to the bike. I like the fact that they come with the optional jumper plug to use instead of the relay so that they can stay on with main beam. As with everyone else I think the instructions suck but the video on youtube was very helpful. I've rated them 4 stars for that however and also because I found the wires on the lights to be a little too short and the conector plugs were completely different to my bike, although that's probably Honds's problem catering for different regions around the world. Anyway, a little extra auto wire and a simple splice and they work great.

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Milton, Ontario, CA

Should have ordered the NON airbag model (didn't pay close enough attention to the pull-down). Wingstuff issued an RMA and sent wrong one in, and quite quickly received the right set.

The lights themselves are pretty good. As others have said, the instructions do leave much to be desired, but various videos online do a very good job showing installation steps.

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  • GL1800 2006-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2006-2017
  • (Excludes Non-Air Bag Models)
  • F6B 2013-2017