Black LED Accessory Switch

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Black LED Accessory Switch
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Polished Black Brake Side Switch Block with 3-rocker style switches has Bright LEDs in each indicating when an accessory is active. Great for wiring lights and other accessories.

Great looking and the high quality black finish gives that factory look on any motorcycle.

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Pampa, TX
excellent product

This switch assembly is greatly manufactured. It looks good on the handlebars and works great. I hooked up accessory lights to it and hooked up front end ring of fire. Handles load and works great.

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I have this on my bike, but I don't know where the wire ends up? Is it under the seat?, in a compartment? Behind a compartment? Mine is installed on my left handle. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Rockford, IL
Safety in mind!

I purchased this item for both my bikes. If you have followed my reviews up to this one you will see I am a big advocate of chrome and bling. Please note! In the cockpit of my wing I want it "BLACK" or dark. Don't want shinny object reflecting back into my eyes from the sun. I went for the left side install. This way I don't have to remove my hand from the throttle.
Also, it's easier to run all your wires down the handle bar arm and into the area under the left pouch.
Another hint to help you fellows constantly opening the side battery cover, I mounted a fuse block on the back inside wall of my truck. I simply run a wire from that fuse block to my power wire and switch wire under the left pocket. This way when you blew a fuse or need to review the aux. fuse block it's handy and easy to get to.

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Clutch Side Master Cylinder Switch Block (LH)

Just a concern before I placed my order for this product was the wire lengths leading from the switch block.

Switch leads out are approximately 31" each on blue, yellow and white wires.
Power leads in are 67" in length on red and black wires.

All wires are covered by a soft/solid (not spiral or corrugated) PVC loom that will extend down the handle bar run.

"Accessories may require their own relay and wiring as switches are rated at 20 amps." This quoted from install instructions.

Looks like OEM, great fit and finish.


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Alpine, CA
Re: Great Looking - Installation Problem

I installed the black switch box over clutch side. The switches quality is outstanding fit & finish and there was no leakage. The wire blue, yellow,and white were minimally 12" too short. Obviously, this extended my overall installation time to two hours to extend wires. Added length was necessary for me to allow wires to be fully routed and hidden. All wires all colors should be the same length as red and black allowing the installer to shorten depending on application and route installer prefers. Small indicator lights make sighting easy and no confusion as to what light is on. Switch block definitely has oem appearance. I'm happy with end result.

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