Sealed High Output AGM Battery


Sealed High Output AGM Battery
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Compu-Fire Generation III Sealed AGM Battery is the ultimate High Output Maintenance Free Battery that also fits Honda GL1000, GL1100, GL1200 and GL1500 Goldwing. Provides an awesome 300 cold cranking amp rating! Combined with a GL1500 Compu-Fire alternator, this is the ultimate solution for a bike with lots of lighting.

Shipping Note: Ships via ground transportation in USA lower 48 states only, air shipping not available due to air regulations. We are not able to ship internationally or to Canada due to shipping regulations.

Transportation info - Compu-Fire battery conforms to the non-spillable battery requirments in the code of Federal Regulations 49 (CFR49), revised 10/1/98, section 173.159 (d), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), 40th Edition, Packing Instruction 806 and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code (IMDG code), page 8121. IATA special provision A67 and IMDG special provision 238 for non-spillable batteries, which classifies them as non-regulated goods provided their terminals are packed in a manner so as to protect them from short circuits, whenever these regulations apply.

Note: In the event of a warranty question or claim, all are handled directly with the manufacturer per Compu-Fire policy.

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Star, NC
Did not see

Man I was in a hurry when I ordered this... did not see it was for a 1500 and I had to return it and no problems with return. Great place to shop and if you buy the wrong item... very easy to return. Thanks!!

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Colbert, WA
Wow! What a difference.

I recently sold my GL1500, but just before selling it the battery went out. I purchased this unit for the bike and wow, it spun tht engine so fast there was no comparison to the older battery in it even when it was new.
I have a 2004 GL1800 and will order on for it if this one fits it. According to Compu-Fire it fits the 1800 and the others, but need to make sure before ordering one for it. I don't know about longevity of the battery, but other reviews seem to indicate it lasts a long time.

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Orlando, FL

I had the Compu - Fire Gen111 battery and alternator installed July 17, 2005. The battery just quit on me July 22, 2011. It's a outstanding battery, never had one seconds problem with it. I would highly recommend it. I replaced it with a brand new Gen111.

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Mokena, IL

Purchased a Compu-Fire battery along with the alternator about 7 years ago now. Battery still going strong, very pleased with performance and life of it. Was much better than the stock battery I had in my 98 Wing.

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Carson, CA

I had to replace the battery that came with the compufire alternator. Many sales people stated their preference to other manufacturers with most of them leaning toward the Yuasa. I bought this one not only because of the Compufire name and reputation, but because it is also manufactured by Yuasa. The price was the same as the other brands and four years of trouble free, maintenance free service with the old one made the decision easier.
Great quality, great serice life, reasonable price.

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  • GL1000, GL1100, GL1200
  • GL1500, GL1500 Trike