Mini Tire Compressor 300PSI any 12V Source


Mini Tire Compressor 300PSI any 12V Source
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Powerful Mini Air Compressor connects to ANY 12-volt power source and is so small in size. Inflates tires at up to a powerful 300PSI. Great for ANY application requiring air inflation, tires, tubes, pool toys, ect..

Seals punctures up to 1/4" in tread area - Non-toxic, safe for tires and wheels - Fully inflates tires fast from any 12-volt power source - Maintain tire pressure; save tread, increase mileage - Modular kit stores easily; water/shock- resistant case

Only 2.75 lbs. - Save time - don't get stranded - Save money - avoid tow trucks Kit Includes: - Powerful Air Compressor - Permanent Battery Connection - Universal Connections - Alligator Clip - Any Power Source - Tire Gauge - Instructions (with Spanish)

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Adelaide, AU
Glad I had it when I needed it!

Its been over a year since I bought mine (see my previous review for full details). Like Thom, I had it for a while before I needed it. Coming home from a camping adventure my camper trailer picked up a puncture that required inflating it every 30-35 miles. Boy, was I glad I had this compressor!

It worked without any issue and my only frustration was like I mentioned in my previous review - no gage to give you a rough indication of how it's progressing before you make the final test with a proper gage. So it took a little longer that what it should, having to take it off and putting it on several times before it was properly inflated.

I have used this for other purposes too, like inflating our bicycle wheels and even the car wheel once, and it never overheated or experienced any problem.

Like I said in my previous review - it is a great compressor and better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it and it is well worth the price.

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miami, FL
hope i don't need it

got my today and i hope its all you all say. hope i don't ever need it but its nice and small. has a great case too. i pick this one cause it will attach 3 different ways. ride safe and smart it the holidays. happy holidays to all JIM

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San Antonio, TX
Good Product

I had this a year before I had to use it. Had a slow leak on the rear tire 1,000 miles from home. I used the outlet in the left pocket and it filled pretty quickly each time I used it. I was able to make it to a repair shop to get my tire fixed. It's good to know it's in your saddle bag -- just in case. It does get hot if you have to fill the whole tire. I would highly recommend this product.

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Wylie, TX
Absolute must have!

excellent performance & quality pump. Is very fast, easy to install quick disconnect to battery, & takes little space. Should be a part of your tool bag. I use etensively when traveling, especially w/ climate & temp changes that impact the PSI loss/ gain. It doe take some trial & error to guesstimate when to stop the pump, but you can become proficient after several uses (no gauges on pump), but most pump gauges I've seen on compressors are not very accurate anyway.

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Adelaide, AU
A must-have item

Does exactly as advertised. Compact - easily fits into the saddlebag or trunk. If you tow a trailer, you'll have peace of mind having this item.

Make sure you hook it up to a 12V connection with it's own separate fuse (or directly to the battery) as using this for more than a few minutes at a time WILL blow the fuse of the accessory power (located in the left fairing pocket).

It would've been really handy if it had a small in-line gauge to give you a rough idea of the pressure as you're inflating. You end up putting it on and taking it off several times in fear of over inflating the wheel.

Still, for the price and its intended purpose, this is a great mini compressor and definitely will be a life saver. Hopefully you'll never need it.

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