LED Honda Fog Lights Airbag or Non Air Bag Model Gold Wing


LED Honda Fog Lights Airbag or Non Air Bag Model Gold Wing
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GL1800 accessories - Brilliant White LED Light improves visibility and lowers battery draw due to the latest LED technology. Increases battery life and increases capacity for additional electronic accessories. Longer Life, three time the life of halogen means reduced maintenance and long term replacement cost.

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HO08V31-MCA-100D - Fits 2001-2010 Model GL1800

HO08V70MCAS41 - Fits 2012-2017 Model GL1800

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Hollister, CA
Excellent Quality

Great look, easy install for just about anyone. If you can change a light bulb, you can probably do this. Draw less amps than conventional fog lights.

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lakeland, FL
Honda LED Foglights

These lights have the advantage of mounting to the stock Honda mounts, and being adjustable, but the light output is lousy compared to most aftermarket lights.
The BikeMp3 brand lights are not adjustable, but put out twice the bright, white light, and the beams reach a lot further down the road for half the money.

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Hondaline factory LED foglights

This is my third set of lights from honda. The first two were installed on two of my 2008 gl1800 that I had and the install was quit easy and uneventful. However the install on my 2012 with Navi was another story all together. The issue was with the foglight switch. This took a great amount of time because the audio box that the switch is mounted in, had to be removed and then the case split open to install the switch. This took a lot of time because the wiring inside the box had to be rerouted to make room for the switch. This included cutting a tie strap that secured the harness. It was difficult to close up the audio box because it was now to thick with the additional wiring, but just kept trying different wire routing until I felt comfortable that they would not chaff and the box would close properly. If you are mechanically inclined, and take your time this project is very doable. Probably not an issue on non NAVI bikes.

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12 gauge
Rosemary Beach, FL
Honda fog lights

After 18000+ miles still look great and no problems. Follow the instructions not difficult, few pieces of tupperware to remove to get'em on.

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Longwood, FL
Looks great, increased visibility for you and oncoming tr...

The install was not difficult, but was challenging. Somehow the order was placed or filled wrong and I received the 2001-2010 version switch that did not fit. I called WingStuff and they sent me the correct switch and I was able to complete installation.

Thanks WingStuff for the great customer support a getting the problem fixed.

The new lights really lit up the road last weekend when I drove back home after attending a GWRRA progressive dinner that didn't finish up until after dark.

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