Combo Accessory Mount Bar for GL1800


Combo Accessory Mount Bar for GL1800
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GL1800 Texelent Accessory Bar with Combo Style Brackets. 

The Texelent Smart Toy Mount System for motorcycles, provides an organized, unobtrusive and highly useful way to mount your GPS, Telephone, Radar Detector, Drink Holders, MX Radio Controller and a host of other accessories.

Note - Require Mount Clamps for accessory mounting sold seperately.

Texelent Bar Mounts are untested on Air Bag Model Goldwings and could interfere with the Air Bag Operation and are not recommended for these Air Bag (Level 4) models.

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Toronto, CA
Very nice addition

I had read all the reviews and still wanted to buy this. I added the Kuryakyn Fork Brace and this bar together, the combination has completely changed the front end for my Wing. The front feels more planted and more forgiving on rough road conditions.
Fit and Finih is exactly as other have described. Some will love it, some not too much.
For me this is a good produdt.

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With a minor mod....

The bar is decent quality, and definitely sturdy enough to last a while... installation was easy, but I found the upper mount to be too high - blocked my view of the gauges and LCD screen. The lower mount wasn't an option due to blocking the glove box. Plus, all in all, the mounting brackets in my mind took away from the overall look. So... what to do...

1. I discarded the brackets that allow for the upper/lower mount.
2. Cut approximately one inch off each end of the bar. Saved the end caps for re-installation.
3. Mounting required the use of 6 M6 washers on each side, plus the bar brackets (used to hold the bar in the original upper or lower position) and two new, longer M6 cap head bolts I mounted the bar to the upper screw location of the clutch/brake brackets, with the bar angled down just slightly.
4. Re-installed the end caps on the bar (needed a little glue since they didn't come out clean) to complete the install.

Fits great, looks much cleaner than using the original upper/lower brackets and still provides all of the other benefits. Plus, I can see the LCD and gauges over the top of my GPS (center mounted on the bar).

Notes... take your time with the miter saw when cutting the bars. I did a little bit at a time until I had the length just right so the end caps are flush with the bar brackets.

My only complaints:
1. Price - I agree with others that it is slightly over priced for what you get.
2. The original upper/lower brackets don't fit well with the overall look of the F6b... blocky and just looked out of place.

Have fun!

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Ozi Dave
Ingham, AU
Good quality...effort to make it fit well

Installed this today. The quality of the machined components is excellent...well made, great finish. I painted the spacers satin black because the raw metal finish didn't suit the rest of the bar. The bar itself needed to be trimmed about 1/2" on each end to fit neatly between the handlebar switch pods. It does look good after the effort.

Minus 1/2 point because I had to mess about with it to get it right. Minus another 1/2 point because it would only represent value if it fitted perfectly straight out of the box.

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Ft,Worth, TX
Good Bar

I was skeptical about this bar at first especially for the price. When I received it and installed it I was surprised. It added a good place to mount gadgets but also added some handle bar stability. Good product just a little pricey.

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Ten Mile, TN
good product, but really priced high

Order this to add a GoPro and phone caddy to my gadgets. The bar is really easy to install. I tried it in the lower position (don't buy the dual bar) and it will not allow the storage compartment to open, so it has to be mounted in the upper positions. So far doesn't look like it will interfere with any buttons. I temporarily mounted my Garmin and cup holder on it, but will be replacing the M8 bolts with a Ram ball to mount the Garmin.
Now the reason for the 3 stars.....PRICE, PRICE, PRICE, PRICE. A piece of pipe, two clamps, and some bolts do NOT cost $130. Would be a good deal at $75 still high but more inline with them making a profit and not ripping people off. Would be a great deal at $40 (what it should cost), and they would still make a profit.

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