Metzeler ME880 Marathon Tires for GL1500


Metzeler ME880 Marathon Tires for GL1500
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Metzeler High Milage Touring for the Honda GL1500 have a larger contact patch when running straight, high mileage reduced rolling noise and increased riding comfort. Reliable grip by using a hi-grip tread compound,at the same time high mileage due to increased tread depth.

Linear handling performance due to constant curvature over the entire tread surface using the ‘single radius’ design concept; maximum cornering safety due to machine-specific individually designed contour and construction. Reliable braking force transmission and insensitivity to rain grooves due to robust central rib; optimised aquaplaning behaviour due to offset tread grooves; perfectly matched for the corresponding type of machine due to specific carcass constructions

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Cookeville, TN
14,000 + Miles

This is an update on my Rear Metzler ME880 tire on my GL1500A. The tire has gone over 14,000 miles and is at 1/16 of an inch near the center. IMHO time to replace it.

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Cookeville, TN
Extra tread and good traction

I am running these tires on my 1995 GL1500 Aspencade and mostly in Tennessee. The tires have extra tread depth which helps them last longer. The rear tire may rub a little bit for the first 1000 miles on the rubber flap. You will notice it if you rotate the rear tire backwards on the center stand. My tires have had great wet weather traction. The downside is the noise level when leaning in a turn. This noise is reduced as the tires wear down. I used the Metlers on my 1986 Aspencade SEI years ago for about 60,000 miles. Obviously not the same set. After reading these reviews I was afraid Metzlers quality wasn't what it used to be, however, now that I have about 4,000 miles on this set, I am pleased with them on my 1500. I am aggressive off the line, not so much in the curves, and easy on the stops. I ride in all weather and have a great aversion to losing traction on wet roads. The other tires I bought, most all brands, loose traction when riding in downpours. I have never lost traction with the ME880. In my opinion, the center patch needs to have a channel for the water to prevent hydroplaning. This tire has performed in that area and on the wet roads when it first starts to rain. I know this is lengthy, just remember to keep the rubber side down, and tires on your motorcycle are everything!

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Sydney, AU
Metzeler ME880

I have been using this tyre brand for the last 10 years on my 1995 GL1500 Aspencade and I have never had a problem with them.. I get around 20-25,000kms or 12,500-15,500 miles out of a set which are pushed very hard as I ride my bike like a crotch rocket 95% of the time mostly two up.. Now I am no small boy as my weight is 180kgs/396lbs & my partner is around the 130kgs/286lbs mark which I make sure both tyres are at there max cold tyre pressure setting of 42 psi as this will stop the front tyre from cupping that all Goldwing's seem to suffer from no matter which model you have from the 1975 GL1000 all the way to the new 2013 F6B

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lamesa, TX
Don't waste your money!

Throws the tread every time! I have tried three sets of tires. I only get 6000 miles on the front tire and the tread as come off every back tire. Noisy. Metzler will not fix the problem and will not warrantee the tire.

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Port Byron, IL
Metzeler tires

Installed last fall and took a ride in the spring without first checking air pressure. The front tire wore (cupping) and induced a head shake at low speed. Returned to dealer and they informed me that the metzlers run best with 42 pounds of front and 44 pounds on the rear. I am now continuing to ride at the higher pressures hopeing to even out the cupping of the front tire. Otherwise they seem to be really good tires. I will update after a few more thousands of miles.

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