LED Pod/Strip Kit w/ 6-Oval LED Pods & 2-LED Strips

House Brand

LED Pod/Strip Kit w/ 6-Oval LED Pods & 2-LED Strips
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Each kit includes 6-Oval Shaped LED Pods & 2-Low Profile LED Strips in 7" size and are water resistant with On/Off switch. Foam mounting tape, wire nuts, cables, cable ties & instructions. Wire as accent lighting or into brake system for strobe effect. Offered in 7-colors with Chrome or Black Base.

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Tampa, FL

These are easy to wire but a bit expensive. I'll be chosing a different brand. The PODs are bright but the strips are not as bright and don't stay in place as well. The package doesn't have enough double sided tape in it to accomodate all the items in the package. Save your money or buy for the PODs and sell the strips on ebay. Suggest unique-leds.com for better prices for similar LEDs.

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Slatington, PA

I bought these at a place called Cycle Gear $50 on sale. can't beat the price. Have a block that allows you to plug lights into that goes under seat. Mounted strips and two pods under each side box shining on exaust pipes. Other places want 100's for LED's. GO to Street fx.com.

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