F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800

La Verne, CA

Windshield works as intended, and both rain and sleet roll off while riding at highway speeds.Got caught in a late winter storm at high altitudes around Flagstaff, AZ temps dropped to 24 degrees with snow and sleet as I got to lower altitudes. None the less it is a very good product. My issue with it is it keeps sliding back down to lower position while riding. Installation was done at Mountain Motor Sports in Ontario, CA over a year ago and never had to raise the thing until this past April so had no idea it was slipping back down.

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Colbert, WA
Like the Clear 2" Extended F4

Back on 7/13/2011 I wrote a review about how great the F4 folks were in replacing the 4" I had put on my 2004 wing. If you wonder about the 4" possibly cracking, I would say they have corrected that situation by making the base thicker. But, one thing to consider is the 4" creates more buffing with wind, so that is why I put the 2" (adjustable, as the 4" is not) on. This new one is now on my 2005 Goldwing and I actually took a brand new factory windshield off (former owner had put on) just so I could have the F4 on it. It is easy to clean and I do not have to worry about the F4 getting foggy like the factory one does. I also bought clear because I always wear lightly darkened glasses when traveling so didn't want night vision to be darker. If you want a great windshield, get the F4.

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Knoxville, IA
F4 equal Quaility and Durability

F4 will Quaility and Durability
I purchased a -2" F4 with no vent for my 2003 Wing. Oct 2016 with Over 5 years and around 75,000 with it I purchased another Wing (2008 with 16,000) and it had a stock windshield w/vent in good shape. I don't like the stock shield w/vent being it's taller and not a real fan of the vent either so I swapped the shields on my 03 to the 08. I've since put another 14,000 miles on the 08 Wing with the -2" F4. So far about 90,000 miles and 6 years and this F4 is still in very good shape and still repels water just like when new, no swirl marks on shield (no scratches either) and no Halo's around headlights from oncoming traffic while night riding. I used to not ride when it rained because rain beads up and doesn't shed well on other shields I've tried but this F4 sheds water like a windshield treated with Rain-X. Now when it rains I simply raise the -2" F4 to full up and keep on going. I also have the full Monty Baker Air Wings installed on my Wings(a must have) and just came back from the full Eclipse show down in Booneville, MO (only about 200 miles from home) and after leaving to head home it started raining and at times pretty hard. I didn't even stop to put on my rain suit which I rarely ever use now days. I had on jeans, t-shirt and leather vest. Stopped for gas in Princeton, MO for gas under an awning while still raining and didn't even bother to put on a jacket then and finished my trip home. I stayed dry too by the way and the outside of my shirt sleeves were only dampish.
I will not own a bike without one of these awesome F4 windshields on it.

ps. About 4 years ago a Falcon chasing/preying after another bird flew from left to right across my path as I was at highway speed of about 65 mph and the Falcon impacted just right of center on my F4 Deflecting in to my right side mirror. Not a single mark or scar to shield or bike. All I had to do was put the break away mirror back into position. The Falcon wasn't so lucky though.
Highly Recommended product and very satisfied customer.

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Henderson, NV

Great windshield. Crystal clear. Bugs hate to stick to it. Don Frank is great to deal with. Raised my vent hole slightly so my tiny video cameras would fit under them on the dash. Great windshield!!

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Must have

I have had 3 different brand windshield and they all failed
Now I can finally clean my windshield without scratch and see the road clearly
Honda should have the F4 as an OEM windshield
Wish I have bough this one at the begging to save more money
A must buy

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Memphis, TN
F4 + 4 Goldwing Windshield

Bought this F4 plus 4 windshield for my 2016 Honda Goldwing stock OEM replacement, it came with good installation instructions, installed in only 30 minutes.
First highway test ride, I immediately notice the difference, no wind ripping across my hands on the handlebars, no wind buffeting around the top of my helmet, plus the clarity is flawless. I recommend this windshield to all Goldwing owners, but buy it from Wingstuff the free shipping over $99. F4 customs direct wanted $30 bucks for shipping if you order from them. I order my products from Wingstuff because they believe in customer service.

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Near Aspen, CO
f4 +4 tinted

This is my second f4,The first one was full of pits after second season and no pits on bike,called f4,no response...I still believed in this windshield due to a monster bird strike at 70 mph,I think this thing saved my life,and zero damage to shield or myself.It hit so hard that I changed lanes but I was still able to stay up.(I think I may have peed a little).The plus 4 is thicker and I believe that is why it didn't break...I replaced it with another +4 only in tint this time,looks great on black cherry bike.It is too dark for me at nite though and I should have gone back to clear...I do not know why the first one pitted so badly and I hope this one will not,But for safety sake this is THE one to get.Too expensive? What is your bike and life worth? Greatly reduced wind on passenger as well..Try one and if you ride in the mountains at nite,go clear..

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Very clear

I bought this for a Goldwing Trike. I got the Clear F4+2 with vent. When I opened the package I thought the vent looked way to big. But after getting it put on the bike it still looks big but its not in my way, even with the shield all the way up. I did notice an area about 2 to 3 inches from the top that it seems to distort but I have only rode a few miles so far. Will update.
Great very clear and easy to install windshield.

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Lititz, PA
6 year update

Bought a while back and at the end of 4 years the coating started to flake off and went totally bad in less than a month. So I ended going back to an OEM windshield. I now totally regret that move. I miss the F4 +4! The clarity of the F4 versus the OEM windshield is far, far superior. As soon as I can afford to do it, I'm going back to an F4+2. Just wish they weren't so expensive for as long as they last.

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Lake George, NY
F4 Windshield GL1800

I have had this windshield for 3 years now. It is the best - provides excellent protection from wind and rain.
It is easy to clean and care for. Best windshield I have had on any bike - better than Tulsa which I had before getting the F4.

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