LED Clear Lense Trunk Spoiler Run/Brake/Flashing

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LED Clear Lense Trunk Spoiler Run/Brake/Flashing
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GL1800 LED Top Trunk Spoiler Light replaces Hondaline accessory top spoiler light with a Clear Lense with Brilliant Red Running / Bright Brake LEDs with the addition of Flashing Amber LEDs that activate inside Left or Right Side of light when Turn Signal is activated. Great safety item allows GL1800 Top Trunk Spoiler to flash with turn signals. Top Spoiler not included, must have the Hondaline Top Trunk Spoiler to use this amazing LED Upgrade.

EC01320: Fits 2001-2010 Honda GL1800 Models

EC01323: Fits 2012+ Honda GL1800 Models

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Boardman, OH
Blowing Tail Light Fuse

Hooked up per instructions. Working aok. First ride 10 miles out blew tail light fuse. Disconnected the tail light inside the top box. Next ride Blown fuse. Had to completely remove the wiring harness from main harness and go back to stock and only use as brake light. No more blown fuse. The light harness had bare wires where the connectors and wires meet. Poor quality connectors. Will have to run wires to each tail light to get the turn and running lights to work.

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Perth, AU
Works With 2014 Aussie 'Wing

Installed new spoiler with this light unit instead of the OEM. Took a chance and connected up as per instructions, worked first go on my Aussie 2014 model. Brake and turn signals at eye level for the cagers, they MIGHT see them !!! ( Thye cage drivers here in West Aus are deaf, dumb and blind most of the time )

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Brainerd, MN
Another great idea

Easy installation.They do not supply long enough screws. Local hardware has them. Wire it in to brake and a flasher and keep the idiots off your tail.

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I love it

This unit works great, puts turn signal at eye level for most cars worth every penny

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Dickinson, TX
Love This Conversion

Just completed the install on my 2012. The instructions were complete and install took about 1.25 hours. I really like having the additional run light and the turn lights on the spoiler. The LEDs doesnt see to be as bright as the OEM ones but they are visible. This ought to be standard on the OEM spoiler light. I have the pulsating brake light light controller on the spoiler as well. It looks a little wierd if the turn signal is on and the brakes are depressed, everything is flashing for a few seconds. That ought to let em know something is happening ahead. I will give this product 5 stars only because I can't give it more.

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