Lower Cowl Wind Deflectors

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Lower Cowl Wind Deflectors
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GL1800 Lower Cowl Deflector smoke acrylic panels closes the gap between the cowl and the case guard. They create a shield to keep rain and wind off of the riders feet and lower legs. Easily installs to case guard and lower cowl with hardware provided and fit Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle.

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Don't withstand an Arkansas Amadillo

I had just put these on my wife's F6B, for a late fall trip to Arkansas. She did enjoy them while they lasted. With only 600 miles on them, she caught an Armadillo crossing the road and the left one was toast. I realize that most things won't take a hit like that, so I'm going to give them one more shot.

My wife doesn't like cold toes, and it did help with that. At least her right toes were warmer for the rest of the trip. :)

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Perth, AU
Lower cowl deflectors

Other reviewers have commented on the fragility of these units
They work brilliantly but do not take to hard knocks
Think the manufacturer need to revisit the materials

I ended up making a template and cut some from black 2-3mm HDPE to replace the broken units
No more breaks as they do not shatter when cornering hard - the bottom edge just gets ground off a bit
I would not be without then
5/5 for design 2/5 for resilience

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Lower cowl deflectors review

I've tried various baker rain deflectors and found that they were not bad. Tried these and am very impressed and pleased. These block the wind much better than anything else i've tried...and that's saying something. I ride over 20k a year, and most of it just commuting. The one concern, as stated by other reviews. was their propensity to break easy. Installed mine over 1000 miles ago and have been fortunate not to have the break. They could be sturdier, but the design is spot on.

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Scranton, PA
They Make a Difference!

Definitely make a difference on those cold days! Easy to install! Good product!

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SW Florida, FL
12K and no problems

I was concerned after reading the reviews, but I REALLY LIKE These. Here in SW Florida we get lots of rain and with constant construction road debris is an every day occurance. 12,000 miles and still great and my feet and legs stay dry

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