Superbrace Chrome Fork Brace w/Fork Protectors For GL1800


Superbrace Chrome Fork Brace w/Fork Protectors For GL1800
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Chrome Billet Superbrace Fork Brace with fork shield protectors fits Honda GL1800 Gold Wings but Not Air Bag Models. Improves stability in tight cornering. Reduces low and high speed wobbles Improves tire life and reduces cupping. Decreases sensitivity to rough road surfaces and rain grooves. Provides better stability, superior aero dynamics and a more streamlined look than other multi-piece braces on the market.

Note: Will Not Fit Airbag Models. (Air Bag Models Require Different Part# also on

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Superbrace Chrome Fork Brace w/Fork Protectors For GL1800

Installed this fork brace after close call with a high speed death wobble that happened slowing down and leaning into an off ramp with many tar snakes. Almost crashed but didn't and the incident destroyed my right side fork seals, oil everywhere.

Added fork brace and can now ride and lean into tar snakes with no jiggle or wobble at all. Very important to make sure you install correctly and seat your forks as directed. If not seated properly, there is a huge decline in steadiness.

I drove into a thunderstorm with hail at high speed a year later and bike wobbled badly. I had to undo and reseat the brace to regain steadiness as it had slipped up slightly on one fork. 100k with brace installed. Highly recommend.

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Easton, PA
Still wobbling

I read all the good reviews so decided to get myself one. After I installed it the low speed wobbling is still there. It does not reduce any. I don't understand how it worked for other GL owner!

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Sand Springs, OK
Nice brace

I added this brace when I change the shocks. This is heaven duty and works very well would recommend this when you do your shock upgrade

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Super braced

I was sceptical at first so I purchased a used one, and I'm now a believer.. Before the brace I had a small wobble at hyway speed when lightly holding the bars that would go away if I held the bars normally bit even one handed it would wiggle a bit, no more of that after the brace! And way more solid in the corners. My bike is a 2001, and it made a world of difference I wouldn't hesitate to buy this product new if I hadn't found a used one it makes that much of a difference. Hope this helps someone. It works well.

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Jasper, TX
Been there.

I have been using this brace for over 5 years. The is
A need to have. Better cornering, stable, and with out it you my have to replace you fork seals a little sooner.
I am getting a new GW soon and this is number one thing on my list and a bellies pan. Happy trails

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