Superbrace Chrome Fork Brace w/Fork Protectors For GL1800

Peachland, CA
Do not install fork braces

After about 40,000 kilometers with fork braces installed, one side slipped a little downwards out of alignment and caused serious damage to my fork seals and bushings, leaked fork oil, caused a mess, and cost $500.00 to fix. If Goldwings needed fork bracing they would have installed them at the factory over the last several decades. Pete from Peachland BC

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Trying to get rid of wobble.

Just got new tires. Shop did bad balance job. Rebalanced. Wobble better. Bought this and wobble almost eliminated. I am pleased. Slight wobble at 38 mph while decelerating. Very acceptable. My arms are no longer the steering shock absorbers.

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SuperBrace for Gl1800 2008 Wobble issue

I bought this brace to see if it would help out with the wobble at slow speed.
First the install was very easy. As seen on this sit as well as on Great site by the way.
Well it fix most of the wobble. The bonus was that when I am making tight turns the bike is more responsive. What I mean by that is the forks don't flex so the turning is more positive. A+ Money well spent. Happy riding.

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Scranton, PA
Not Really Impressed

I installed (actually dealer did) the Super Fork Brace AND Centramatic Wheel Balancers HOPING that it would eliminate or substantially reduce that dreaded front end wobble...I installed these along with NEW Bridgestone tires. For the first, maybe 1500 miles, it was a smooth straight ride...I thought we finally killed the evil monster wobble...NO SUCH LUCK! After about 1500 miles, the WOBBLE WAS BACK! I was soo angry!! We spent a fortune between the brace & wheel balancers(plus install costs $$), and still have the same problem! In my honest opinion, I really don't see any difference, and according to other posts, its a 50-50 chance! I ordered all balls bearings, so we're going to try that, and if that doesn't work, I surrender! Sorry Wingstuff, just my honest opinion!

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meraux, LA
Super brace

I find it did not help the wobble at all still wobbles at low
And high speeds waste of money.

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Nokomis, FL
Great Fit & Finish

Read that this product would help stop low speed wobble and stop cupping of tires, so I thought I would give it a try. Installation was simple and quick. Went to Cruiseman web site and he has posted a YouTube video on the installation on a 2012 Wing. Made the job super easy. After putting on my bike I tested it out. Found the bike seem to handle much better at low speed, doing some emergency maneuvers and tight u-turn/figure eights.
A side bonus is the part looks great, super fit and finish.

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Colorado Springs, CO
Definitely "Super"

Really nice. Made quite an obvious improvement in the handling. The steering is sharper and lighter, and the bike is less affected by irregular road surfaces. These are the same things I had noticed when I installed one on an FJR1300.
The instructions are good, but I'd add that the wheel should be kept dead-a-head when you start tightening things up.

Highly recommend.

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Super Brace not quite super

This is a beautifully well constructed piece of metal. Installation was quite easy. It looks great on the bike. It may well be that the price matches the cost to manufacture the device. Unfortunately, the cost doesn't match its designed function. In slow cornering I continue to have a wobble problem; there is very little more stability after adding this. Maybe a new front tire will make a difference. Regardless, I'd feel better about the purchase if it were priced closer to $100. I just expected more at the suggested price.

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Albany , OR
Super Brace, a great addition

Installed the brace this afternoon. (2003 Goldwing) It was easy to install. After installation, I took the bike for a 30 mile ride. Wow, what a difference in handling on corners, both at slow speed and at high speed. I did not realize how bad the handling had been until after I installed the brace.

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much stronger

I really noticed the difference with the brace. It seemed to stop the rattle that I use to get when ever I hit any bumps. It also took out some road vibration. Very nice unit!

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