Superbrace Chrome Fork Brace w/Fork Protectors For GL1800

Sand Springs, OK
Nice brace

I added this brace when I change the shocks. This is heaven duty and works very well would recommend this when you do your shock upgrade

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Super braced

I was sceptical at first so I purchased a used one, and I'm now a believer.. Before the brace I had a small wobble at hyway speed when lightly holding the bars that would go away if I held the bars normally bit even one handed it would wiggle a bit, no more of that after the brace! And way more solid in the corners. My bike is a 2001, and it made a world of difference I wouldn't hesitate to buy this product new if I hadn't found a used one it makes that much of a difference. Hope this helps someone. It works well.

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Jasper, TX
Been there.

I have been using this brace for over 5 years. The is
A need to have. Better cornering, stable, and with out it you my have to replace you fork seals a little sooner.
I am getting a new GW soon and this is number one thing on my list and a bellies pan. Happy trails

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Sisters, OR
Superbrace Fork brace

Well I'd been riding without one of these for 4 years now and installed it this week and what a difference. It solved my low speed wobble when riding over bumps and made the front end track straight and no more wobble. Why didn't I put this on sooner? It's great. and I got all the screws for my guards. Thanks

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never leave home without it

i will never EVER ride without a superbrace again, dis ting woiks !

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Rockford, IL
Super Brace

I am still trying to figure out why Honda put a plastic brace on the front of the wing. I decided to order this brace for my 2008 wing, had it installed and now enjoy a much better ride. Those hard bumps in the mid-west don't jam the front end as bad. I also feel the stability has improved. Do you see a pattern here! I order these parts, and reorder them for my second wing. Some of course was a lesson learned so be sure and read your reviews good before purchasing a product. The reviews really help understand how the product performs or don't perform.

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Englewood, CO
Highly recommended

I have never had the high speed wobble, so I cannot speak to that.
What I can say is that the constant hunting is gone. I have had to ride over a couple of miles of rotomilled asphalt for for the last two weeks and what a difference this brace makes. The front end is now rock solid, wished I had purchased a few years ago.
You won't be sorry if you install one on your bike.

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Calgary, Alberta, CA
No change for speed wobble

At slow speed turns, there is a notable difference in tightness. No change to speed wobble after installation. Will try new tire and balance.

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Pueblo West, CO
Worth every penny!

I finally decided to install a Super Brace on my 2012 Wing. I live about a 1/2 mile down a bumpy dirt road and my bike always seemed to want to "hunt" around on the dirt. It never felt stable; like the bike could slip out from under me at any moment. I grew up on a dirt road, so I'm pretty used to it and I've never felt like I didn't know how to handle the bike on that surface. I've read about the flex that many have talked about as well, but was skeptical about how much difference the brace would make. I've felt that "wallowing" feeling when running through the twisties as well.

Well, can I just say WOW!!! I took the Wing out for a little spin after I installed the Super Brace and was absolutely amazed at the difference. Bike tracks absolutely straight, no more "hunting" on the dirt road, handling through bumpy, high speed curves is improved, the whole bike just feels "tighter" and more stable. I should have done this a LONG LONG time ago!

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Virginia Beach, VA

Install was easy. the brace looks really good. Slight improvement and stability. No wobble to speak of before or after install.

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