Dynamic HC-4 Headset W/ 5-Pin Lower Cord for Goldwing

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Dynamic HC-4 Headset W/ 5-Pin Lower Cord for Goldwing
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Clampless Headset fits any year Goldwing, famous for nice bass response, it offers Easy Internal Helmet Mounting on any Open Face, Full Face and Flip Style Full Face and Half Helmets. Miniature Microphone & Boom w/High Fidelity Speakers with 2pc cord included. Clampless Headset Fits Open Face/ Full Face/ Half Helmets that have Zip-Out Ear Curtain Liners and is Great Sounding and Easy To Install.

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Thumper Ken
Youngstown, OH
Great sound

I love the sound and the design and the fit. Here is the but, the right side speaker keeps cutting out. There is a problem with the cords where they come together. I called and they are sending me a new cord. I hope it works I really like the way it fit my helmet.

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Puyallup, WA
Outstanding headset

I currently have 3 of these headsets in three different helmets. The set that is in my most used helmet is 10 years old and sounds just as good today as it did when new. I recomend this headset to my friends who mostly have J & M headsets and they are all now enjoying the superior high sound quality and clarity of the air rider.

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Saint Charles, MO
Incredible Sound

I have tried two used sets of J&M's vintage and model unknown, two sets of Edsets, vintage unknown, one new IMC, and then I bought these AirRiders. They have the most incredible sound of any I have tried. With the others the sound was faint and real tinny. I had to crank the volume on the radio up to near 30 at highway speeds to hear anything and most of the time listened with my speakers because the sound was so bad in the headsets. With these the sound is clear with volume at around 13 below 50 mph and 16-17 at highway speeds (and I have moderate hearing loss). They are clampless as the name indicates, but the speakers velcro nicely in place (some modifications may be necessary to trim foam out of your helmet). The mic is integrated into the speaker which is nice but adds a little bulk on that side. A friend of mine with these drilled a hole in the side of his helmet to tie wrap the wire going to the lower cord to hold it in place. I punched a hole in some fabric hanging below the helmet and tie wrapped it there. Velcro would be another option.

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Ole Herm

Thought for the price these would work good with my new Bell helmet that has the visor lever right where the clamp needs to go but what a dissapointment! These are the tinniest, volumeless, and cheapest set of headsets I've heard yet. Wife has a set of J&M's and sound like Bose speakers compared to these. Don't waste your $, these are crap!

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I have a set of these in both mine and my wifes Nolan 102's. The tail did need to be secured to the helmet with small tie-wraps, but other than that the only attention these have needed since we installed then in 2006 has been replacing the wind covers on the boom mics. My wife and I are both Ham Radio operators and have Ham Radio on the bike and we get consistantly excellent audio reports both on Ham Radio and CB. The transmit audio quality with these is FAR superior than anything J&M currently has on the market. We are always told that we can be heard and understood when others in our group with J&M's can't. Our new helmets this summer will get a new set of Air Riders, no question.

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