Ultragard Gold Wing Half Cover Gray,Cranberry, Black

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Ultragard Gold Wing Half Cover Gray,Cranberry, Black
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Touring Half Covers are available in Black, Cranberry, Silver, Black or Sand color. Great alternative to a full size touring cover for easy On & Easy Off use anytime you stop. Very compact to carry and quick & easy to cover bike.

Available in Black, Gray or Sand Color that includes high visibility reflective logo, flannel lined panel to protect the windshield, antenna wear pads, full elastic hem, double stitched seams and two bungee cords for securing to the motorcycle.

Water resistant coated polyester for quick overnight rain protection or sun protection it includes a handy storage pouch and fits all Goldwings or any large full dress motorcycle.

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South Point, OH
Nice Cover, Great Price!

Nice cover, I got it in the Cranberry color. Quality looks very good and it fits nice and snug. Only thing I don't like is the rather large metal hooks that are provided to hold down the middle sides. I can easily see these leaving scratches if you are careless and drag them across a panel. A plastic or plastic coated hook would be an improvement and will look for suitable replacement hooks.

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New Richmond, WI
Glad I bought it.

Small bag (takes up little room storing it). Fits great. (although it could be made a little looser, but then it'd rub in windy conditions).
Looks pretty cool, (as far as covers go).
Bottom line, it fits, it covers as much of the bike as I wanted, and it's inexpensive. Quality looks damm good for the price as well.
Glad I bought it.

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Beaumont, TX
Fits Great

Fits the Goldwing great. Will keep rain off the covered portions. Not as great for keeping dust out since dust can penetrate from the bottom up. Still use it frequently and will stay on even on windy days. Never blown off, but has been a little cock-eyed on the worst days.

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beaverton, OR
fits great

this is a great buy.it fits great and takes up little room..would buy again.

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Littleton, CO
Exceeds Expectation

I purchase the cover for those trips where dragging along a full cover would be quite impractical. This cover exceeded my expectation for proper fit, overall space it requires when packed and looks! I have the Cranberry cover on a 2008 Pearl White 1800 (and it looks real good!)
If you are trying to keep 'everything' (i.e. hard rain, dust storms, etc.) from getting on your bike, then you might want to think before you purchase this cover. It was never designed to do that! It is a quick, good looking cover that will keep the dew, light rain and general stuff that falls from the sky off the seat and instrument and control group.
Just realize that it does what it was designed for, it is not a mobile garage!

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