K&N High Flow Lifetime Air Filter for GL1800, F6B


K&N High Flow Lifetime Air Filter for GL1800, F6B
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K&N high flow replacement air filters for GL1800 are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. K&N replacement air filters are washable and reusable and come with a 10 Year Million Mile Limited Warranty.

Simply replace the OEM filter with a K&N FilterCharger replacement filter and drive for up to 25,000, depending on driving conditions, then follow the cleaning instructions to use the filter again and again.

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decatur, MI
easy install

Very easy and quick replacement.

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Garner, NC
no problem

Being a auto technician ...changing the K&N on the GL1800 seem no harder then changing a cabin filter on a volvo

A different improvement in performance and mostly gas mileage ( Big must!!)

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12 gauge
Rosemary Beach, FL

Been running K&N in my Valk since 99 with no issues. After the 12,000 Wing service pains, I dropped in a K&N filter in my Wing. At least now I don't need to pull all that Tupperware every 12,000 miles.

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New Richmond, WI
good stuff.

I've run K&N on all my vehicles. ALL.
So, my 1800 got one as well.
Easy install (as easy as it can BE on a GW 1800).
Fit nice.
Only thing I do notice is you HEAR the intake now, where you didn't before. NOT that it's a bad thing, there's just more/noticeable noise on accel. Normal cruise, no noticeable noise.
There are alot of K&N haters out there. (just go to the GW boards).
Personally I think this is a great product, and will continue to utilize them.

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Simpsonville, SC
Awesome! but not for the mechanically timid

Replaced my original OEM filter yesterday with the K&N, rode today for about 200 miles. A noticable engine performance boost. I have the Torqloopz exhaust mod installed and this filter made the exhaust and engine in general growl a little more and very nicely indeed.

Having said that....what the @#*^%@&@ was Honda thinking burying that air filter so deep. Jiminey Christmas, the intake engineers must have been on LSD the day they whipped out that design....that or marketing decided it would be a built-in paid dealer visit to get the job done by the majority of owners.

Anyway, here's a very good Youtube by Steve Saunders that demonstrates how to pull off this job.


Even with this, it took me 5 hrs to complete, being my first time in that deep. I imagine the next time I should be able to cut that in half. I will admit, I did learn a lot about my bike in the process...and, I installed some LED lighting while I had access "under the hood"...;-)

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