Kuryakyn LED Turn Signal Mirror Lights for GL1800


Kuryakyn LED Turn Signal Mirror Lights for GL1800
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LED Mirror Lights for GL1800 Goldwing are one of our most popular safety items that dress your bike up at the same time. These must be hard wired in unless you already have a Kuryakyn stealth side light kit installed that would make this plug-n-play. These look great.

Attaches to the edge of mirror glass, slim design does not interfere with viewable mirror surface. Brilliant amber LED lights help vehicles at your flank or blind spot notice turn signal activation. When the turn signals are not in use, they are nearly

NOTE - If you have a 2006 or Newer GL1800 you will need to purchase the Plug Adapter (Part# 7300) shown as Related Product sold separately.

Also, the 2001-2010 GL1800 Adapter (Part# 607312P) is sold separately. Please select this item from the drop down menu above. You must buy this item if you have an 2001-2010 GL1800. You need 2 of these to operate correctly, and they are sold in quantities of 1.

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Bill & Sandy
Rio Rancho, NM
Kuryakyn turn signal lights

Like always, the more warning, light you can put out at night (and day) the better.

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Colbert, WA
Seem to work fine.

On a 2003 ABS I had installed Muth mirrors. You can see Muth ones blink. On this unit I installed these extensions and they work fine, but you do not see them blinking when sitting on the bike. I hard wired (soldered) them onto the blinker light's wiring as instructed.

Have not had to adjust the mirror, even after install, so not sure if the excess space they take up will be a problem. (Read write up by the person who wrote a comment about switching over to Muth). If I have problems I will then consider installing Muth with the built in LEDs. So far, so good.

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Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL

At first, we went cheap----bought the Kuryakyn LED turn signal Mirror Lights and thought that they would work well, and let drivers behind you have another light showing them that you are planning to turn. Once we got out onto the highway, it was very noticeable that you have a constricted amount of space that you can turn the mirrors out into since they took up the space. So----we ended up changing out the mirrors to the Muth mirrors with 7 LED red turn signal lights.
Honda should just place this type of mirror onto the bike in the first place. They are just like having the stock mirrors in place, just that you have the 7 LED red lights present too. Went with the red, since that is how the majority of mirrors on cars/trucks are---and don't want to flip out someone behind you with something new to distract them.

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Wright, WY
Left side failed first minute...

Like all the Kuryakyn stuff i have put on looks pretty good but definitely a cheap feel to it and this one didnt last for a minute and it sure is a inconvenience.

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Flying wings
Victoria, CA
Very nice detail

After 4 years and 13 000 km this item still look like new. Those little detail flashing light pulls attention from vehicle and can anticipate your intention. They look nice, stylish, cheap to by and it help for safety.
I recommend this item.

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  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
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