LED Lighted Ring Of Fire Kits for GL1800


LED Lighted Ring Of Fire Kits for GL1800
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Easy to install LED Lighted Ring Of Fire Kits require you already have a pair of rotor covers on your bike to attach these to and sold in a variety of colors! LED Lighted Front Wheel Ring of Fire attaches to your chrome rotor covers and offers an array of Brilliant LED Lighted that dances all around your wheel both for Looks & Safety! 

Beware of Non-Kuryakyn cheap imitations, the quality is not even close. Ring of Fire has two separate rows of LED Lights & a row of Amber LEDs Shining Out away from the bike through each window in the chrome ring as a second row of LEDs Shine Inwards toward the wheel in a variety of colors creating a brilliant glowing effect.

F6B 2013 Requires P/N 7450

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James A.
Bayonne, NJ
Ring of Fire

Adds to the front wheel with bright LED lights and chrome. Another great product.

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Dayton, NV
Ring of Fire

I installed the amber ring of fire last year(2015) and has really dressed up the front forks of my gl1800. It totally covers the brake rotor and hard to clean bolts etc. One issue I had was bolting on the covers as bolt lengths are not a perfect fit and takes a bit of trial and error to fit them to look right. An extension wire set is required to connect the leds if you have any other led accessories on the front. It's easiest to install all together as rewiring is messy and multiple cables may show un-necessarily. I connected mine to an accessory switch panel in the left pocket. I also added other LEDS to the windshield facia and USB Plug and removed cigarette lighter plug. Rewired to use standard 12v offset fused plug so that accessories can be plugged in without to bulky socket. It's now easy to add accessories. Permanent or just temporary bling. Over-all a great addition.

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Chaffee, MO
Nice addition

I installed these onto the Hondaline covers before I put them on. The fit is good. I recruited the help of another to help spread them as I positioned them around the cover. The glue IS very sticky. I put three evenly spaced c-clamps on them to help hold them while the tape set up. They look great and put out a goodly amount of light.

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Wenatchee , WA
Great Look

Got these for Christmas from my wife and installed them the day after. We have a 2013 and I had already install the covers in the fall. I took the fender off as instructed and that made it real easy to fasten it to the brake line up to the area to push it through to the left glove box. It took me a little time to locate the electrical hook up, but it was there. We got the amber color and that matches the amber on the back side of the mirrors perfectly. It really is bright, but sharp. I also installed the rear ring of fire, and the electrical hook up was easy.

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Amazing look

I went with Amber color(I'm not that flashy)and these are purely gorgeous look.I highly recommend and it will make you more noticeable to cagers.

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