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Driver Iso Wing Boards
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Driver Iso Wings Boards easily replace the stock driver footpegs on Honda GL1800 Goldwing and offer floorboard comfort in a mini board design.

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Phenix City, AL
Pad came off quick

I tried installing this on my 2018 Honda Goldwing Tour today, 6/21/18. They were easy to install but one of the pads came off right away. There is a screw that's supposed to hold them in place but the screw is too short. Went looking for a longer one but the Ace hardware store was already closed and Home Depot didn't have any long enough. It should be about 3 1/2" to 3 3/4 long to make it all the way to secure the last smaller pad. I had a hard time getting the pad in a position that will make it easy to fit my boot under the gear shift without placing it in an awkward position plus there is not enough clearance it that peg was to hit on a curve. The peg hits the peg bracket easily. Not sure if I will install them back but will try to find a longer screw to fix the problem with the pad. Not really too happy with them right now. Maybe it fits better on other models but not the 2018 Tour.

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Sun City, AZ
Just right

I had full size floorboards on my previous Goldwing. I ended up scraping them too much and they got in the way of putting my feet down. I put these on my current Goldwing and so far I am really liking them. I especially like how you can adjust the angle of them. They provide more room that stock pegs but aren't too big like full size floorboards. Plus, they look pretty sharp too. Now time will tell how well they hold up since I am scraping them a little...

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Fort Saskatchewan, CA
Nice, but poor chrome

I do like having these on the bike for the looks and for the extra room to move around. I like them much better than the full size floor boards I had on previously because I can still comfortably get my feet flat on the ground instead of having to stretch out past them like the full size boards. However, after about 18 months of use the chrome is almost entirely gone from the leading edge in front of the rubber. Now they don't look so good...

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Jacksonville, FL
Knee Releif

I purchased these for my 2012 hoping to achieve a little extra legroom. 3/4 of an inch doesn't sound like much, but it was more than enough to give my 32" inseam some extra room. These are very easy to install. You will reuse the spring, pin and cotter pin from the stock pegs. If you are considering replacing the stock mounting plate with a chrome or black chrome part, now is the time to do it. What's really nice about these pegs is that you can adjust the tilt (toe up or toe down). I think you'll find a slight toe down orientation will provide the most comfort.
One obvious difference with these over the stock pegs is you have less ground clearance, so when you go out on your maiden voyage, expect to drag your pegs a lot more. Which brings me to another observation. Unlike the stock pegs which will move in a more vertical direction when you drag the pegs, these pegs travel in more rearward direction. It may frighten you the first time you drag them, but you'll get used to it..small price to pay for more comfort.

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Lemon Grove, CA
Very comfortable

I broke my ankle a few years ago and switched to a heel-toe shifter. Shortly after that, I put on a pair of these ISO Wing pegs, and haven't gone back. I tend to drag my pegs a lot (especially the left side, since the Heel-toe shifter makes it stick out an inch further) and have replaced my ISO Wing pegs several times in the last few years. I'll never go back.

I just wish WingStuff carried the less expensive Kuryakyn Part# 4452 that doesn't include mounting adapters so I could save a few bucks when I replace them. I don't need new mounting adapters, just the boards.

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