Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

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Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800
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Baker Air Deflectors for GL1800 Gold Wing fit underneath the mirrors and deflects cold air away from hands & arms of the Rider Stops and Co-Rider. Fully adjustable to Deflect Air Away or Bring Air Onto the Rider and Co-Rider depending on weather.

Adjustable and No-Drilling required. Attaches directly to the bottom of the mirror.

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Spring Grove, IL
Baker Hand Wings

Just installed these the other day. easy to install, took about 30 minutes and we were off. Big improvement for the wife as she was getting blown around a lot back there before. I can feel the difference up front too. great product, well worth the dollars for the passenger's comfort.

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Long beach, CA
Don't like them

I was really excited about getting these hand wings installed on my bike. The really work to reflect the cold air away from your hands. BUT....When its hot and you need air to come in these hand wings don't do a very good job at staying open. As soon as you get up in higher speed, both hand wings turn back into air blocking position. I've tightened them a few times but I still get the same results. Not happy with this product!

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Sandy, UT
These things really work

It took five years for me to buy these deflectors. I like the factory stock look and I hate knick-knacks on Goldwings that make it look like a 56 Buick. However my hands were always cold so bought them. I thought I could always take them off because you don’t have to modify the bike to install them.

These things really do keep your hands warmer. I still hate knick-knacks on my bike, but with these deflectors with the way the work, I’m going to keep them on.

The installation instructions are the best I have seen.

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Work great

These reflectors do a great job of deflecting cold air away from the hands in cold weather and when adjusted can move air around your body in the warm weather.

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Willow Street , PA
Adj Hand wings

Again I bought these for my Alaska trip and I think there could be a better mounting. That is a lot of wing for the tiny little bolt to hold when your doing
60 MPH and a big truck comes the other way and then the wing turns and into the bike and scratches the paint. The little rubber sticky thing fell off.
The bracket should be designed to stop the turn so it does not hit bike.
Again it helps keep the cold air off your hands and its a nice product. When hot turn it toward you.

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