Dual Adjustable Air Wings for GL1800

Baker Built

Dual Adjustable Air Wings for GL1800
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Rated #1 by Motorcycle Consumer News Magazine, Baker Dual Air Wings for the GL1800 Gold Wing make riding more comfortable in any weather condition. Easily Adjust to Direct Cooler Air TOWARDS or Deflect Wind AWAY from Rider & Co-Rider depending on Weather. Fits ALL GL1800 models.

BRACE BARS were added in 2004 ( See Additiona Image On Page ), making AIR WINGS™ with LOWERS™ More Rigid and Reducing Stress on the Fairing. Brace Bars have been Standard on all Orders since 2004. Update Kits are available for all GL1800 AIR WINGS™ with LOWERS™ Sold Prior to 2004.

Rated #1 by Motorcycle Consumer News Magazine as the brand that REALLY works! Great Choice of Colors, LOWERS are Fully Adjustable Seperately from Upper AIR WINGS. Also Blows Away Engine Heat in Hot Weather! NOTE: Requires Minor Drilling Holes in Removable Molding Strip.

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Spring Grove, IL
Less wind around the rider and passenger

Just completed the set with these and I must say they work great. We have less wind to deal with and it makes our rides that much more comfortable. I should have added these years ago. The fall is a bit cool in the Northern Illinois and I think these Air Wings will make those cold rides a lot more comfortable.

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Rick G.
Lime Lake, NY
Update to 1st review

Let me start off by saying, I love the control of the air flow around the driver and passenger that these give you.

I had a problem with my legs rubbing on these when I used my highway pegs. This was solved (short term) by removing the lower wing. This bothered me, partly due to the cost of these and because I lost the use of that wing.

After 2 years I decided to do something about it. Using my scroll saw I cut some of the corner off the lower outside section of each lower wing (about 1/2 inch) and rounded it more than it was. Then I sanded the edge to match the original look of the units.

Problem solved. Now I can ride using my pegs again with these installed! 4 stars for having to customize the fit.

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Eustis, FL
Good air/heat management

These are great to direct air flow to you in the summer and away from you in the winter. The Air Wings make summertime riding in Florida a little more bearable.

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Air wings

Great product. A must have. And they stand behind their product. Had one crack and they sent me a new one. No questions asked.

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Fort Dodge, IA
A Must Have

These are great on hot or cold days, the lower part brings warm air in or pushes it out the upper brings in cool air.

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  • GL1800 2001-2016
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2016
  • F6B 2013-2016