Dual Adjustable Air Wings for GL1800

Baker Built

Dual Adjustable Air Wings for GL1800
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Rated #1 by Motorcycle Consumer News Magazine, Baker Dual Air Wings for the GL1800 Gold Wing make riding more comfortable in any weather condition. Easily Adjust to Direct Cooler Air TOWARDS or Deflect Wind AWAY from Rider & Co-Rider depending on Weather. Fits ALL GL1800 models.

BRACE BARS were added in 2004 ( See Additiona Image On Page ), making AIR WINGS™ with LOWERS™ More Rigid and Reducing Stress on the Fairing. Brace Bars have been Standard on all Orders since 2004. Update Kits are available for all GL1800 AIR WINGS™ with LOWERS™ Sold Prior to 2004.

Rated #1 by Motorcycle Consumer News Magazine as the brand that REALLY works! Great Choice of Colors, LOWERS are Fully Adjustable Seperately from Upper AIR WINGS. Also Blows Away Engine Heat in Hot Weather! NOTE: Requires Minor Drilling Holes in Removable Molding Strip.

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San Antonio, TX
Best investment Air Wings

Air Wings
What a difference these items made on my wing. I can now ride in the winter time without feeling the cold air.

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Baker Built Air Wings

great deal. took only about 30 min to install, only confusion I had was the instructions said to use a 5/8 paddle bit for holes and the kit came with a 1/2 inch. I measured the spacers, and you need to drill a 5/8 inch hole. Great looking, now I need to see if they really work. :-)

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Kathleen, GA

Make a big different in the cold wheather

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San Antonio, TX
Good Buy

I researched these and other brands. After reading several reviews on WingStuff and other sites and forums, I ultimately decided on the Baker Built deflectors. The video that you see advertising these deflectors pretty much hits the nail on the head. I was still a little skeptical because the video uses a fan to produce the wind instead of actually riding the bike down the road. The fan only produces wind in that one area and not over the entire bike. But, I bought them anyways. Actually I bought the Air Wings, Hand Wings, Leg Wings and Foot Wings. I installed all of them at the same time. Wow, there was a tremendous amount of wind reduction. I could ride at 80mph and feel no more wind or buffering than what I would feel at 30mph without the deflectors installed. It made a huge difference for cold weather riding. On the warmer days, turning the deflectors actually channels and amplifies the air toward you for a better cooling effect. As far as the install, I did all four sets in about an hour. The hand, leg and foot wings are very simple. The hardest part is determining which is left or right. The instruction sheets explain all. It is only one page for each set and if you read them, you will have no problem. The Air Wings were a little more complicated because of the drilling. They do supply a template for drilling the holes where they need to be. The instructions for the placement of the template were simple. A drill bit is supplied. It is a paddle bit primarily used for boring holes in wood. This bit does work fine with the trim piece, but you cannot put too much pressure on the bit or it will bite too much material. Basically, if you just let the weigh of the drill itself, plus just a slight amount of pressure, it will bore the holes clean. Another tip is to drill at a slow speed. I do a lot of riding and these deflectors made me feel I made a good purchase after the first ride with them installed.

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Water Valley, MS
Air Wings

Installed the air wings, good quality product, and liked getting the drill bit with it, saved me a trip to the store and worked great, just remember you are drilling plastic not metal takes very little pressure.
I also put the hand wings on and the lower leg wings like the way those two work, the dual airwings works good and does help, a little disappointed in the air that continues to get to the passenger.

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