Class 2 Receiver Trailer Hitch Dead Bolt

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Class 2 Receiver Trailer Hitch Dead Bolt
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Replace your current pin with this secure lock & pin to insure against theft. If you own a class 2 receiver hitch on your motorcycle or car rest easy with these locks. If you own a class 2 receiver hitch on your motorcycle or car rest easy with these locks. The Dead Bolt Hitch Lock replaces the pin that connects your trailer to the hitch.

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Waxahachie , TX
Good concept/Bad fit and function

This locking pin will work for the 1-1/4" receiver's but it has at least a 1/2" play from side to side allowing it to slide back and forth creating another point for noise and undo wear. The locking mechanism is pretty cheaply done in comparison to other pins I have owned. Will be returning and finding something I feel is better made!

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Palm Coast, FL
Great Price Great Buy!

Needed a second one for the tag along that connects to the hitch so someone don't get the bright idea to try and take my tag along while it's attached. Can't go wrong with it if you need one..Gives the rider peace of mind.. More then likely nothing will ever happen but you never know!!!

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Redding, CA

Nice easy to use lock assy. Worth the money for a very secure hitch.

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Charles S.
Nineveh, IN

Absolutely worth the money. Anyone thinking they are going to just sneak up, lie down, and look up under the fender to release the pin and steal my rack - are going to be in for quite a shock! This thing is great! And I love how the key slot is protected from road debris and water by the rubber cap!

Great item to have - especially for the money!

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Jupiter, FL

I like the added protection for securing my hitch accessories. I bought this because I have been told many horror stories of people having nice trailers or cooler racks go missing in no time flat because all the bad guys had to do was pull the locking pin and vanish. This may not stop the more experienced thieves but it is comforting to know that I will give them an added step to worry about and won't make it easy for the every day punks. Easy to use and fits perfectly. Great product.

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