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These lights are a great addition to the Goldwing! The installation looks intimidating, however, it was very, very simple. I followed the YouTube installation video by Cruiseman’s Garage which made the install flawless. The lights fit the lower cowl like a glove. Not only does it improve the look, but the additional light output increases your ability to see down the road as well as to the sides. This is the perfect compliment to the LED headlight conversion. The integrated daytime running lights and amber turn signals are the icing on this cake.

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Easily broken

I received this bulb from Wingstuff and installed it yesterday. I’m giving 2 stars because the light output was great and fit well in the socket. However, I rode roughly 20 highway miles and when I got home the light was out. I took the lens off to find the end of the LED had broke. Upon further inspection, it appears that the end of the LED is held in place with solder alone. I’m assuming vibration broke the solder. I was able to repair it by re-soldering the ends on both sides. We will see how long it holds. If it breaks again, I’ll replace it with an LED from elsewhere.

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