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total makeover

Late summer 2015 on the way down south to LA on I-5 in order to catch the coastal Highway 1 (what a ride), my right fork cartridge had developed a leak. Everything up front had fork fluid all over it, including front brake rotors. On top of that my pre-load on the rear shock was stuck at 0. Wife and I made it back home to Washington state safe(not a comfortable ride, but fun anyway!). When we got back I replaced the the rear shock motor (a friend had an extra), and purchased from Wingstuff the Progressive spring, Progressive mono cartridges, and the Stone G702 70R16.
The first thing that I needed to do was go out to Ebay in order to purchase another side stand for the Wing. The old side stand was to short. I took the newly purchased side stand down to the local fab shop in order to add 3/4 of an inch.
With the changes the Progressive rear spring, the Progressive front Cartridge forks, and the rear tire I gained a significant amount of lean angle before I start dragging pegs (I very seldom drag now).
While all these changes were pretty drastic, may not recommend for everyone, but for me...I would not change a thing on "Large Marge the Party Barge".
Like they say if you have the OEM forks and have never tried the Progressive Cartridges, you'll never know what you are missing. I still do recommend, as an upgrade.

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