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March 22, 2007
Location: Magalia, Ca (NorCal, above Chi, California
Occupation:, wait....retarded...yeah. That's it!
About Me: 30+ years in wholesale mtg lending. Toured Alaska twice, Nova Scotia etc. Big into platform gaming (Xbox360, PS2, etc). 500+ DVDs (No idea why). Riding since I was 12. Have had 8 Wings as well as 8 HD's and maybe 20 other bikes. Totaled the '03 seen in my Pics, I turned in front of a Wente Winery truck that wasn't there a moment before(lol). I now have the '04, same color.

I have evolved from Iron Ass ("I can ride 750 miles a day..." braggadocio) to Zen riding. Anyone who believes racing along the freeways is the way to see our world and makes them a `rider', is missing the whole point. Back and County roads are immensely more rewarding. I still do 450 mi a day if I have too, but now its all zen, and I EXPLORE. I plan to move to the east coast (NC) as soon as I ride there and find a place I can afford to live.
Fav. Quote: "It looked like it was paved on Mapquest...."
Bikes: 2004 Honda GL1800 (Arrest Me Red)

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