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February 23, 2012
Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Wedding DJ's, Semi Retired LEO. & Auditor for State
About Me: My wife and I are together 36 years, and have two kids - **they are available for sale**, highest bid accepted!! Only kidding!!

We are professional Wedding DJ's , She's an Auditor for PA., and I'm a semi-retired LEO, working in the DA's Office. We bought a brand new 12 Goldwing, something we have wanted for a long time and WE LOVE IT!

Of course we blinged it up with ALOT of stuff from Wingstuff! PLUS, We sent the seat out to Russell Day-Long Seating in CA., to be rebuilt to accommodate my hip & back pain (injuries from my cop days) so we're able to ride much longer distances with that new custom built seat!!
Well I must say that every single dollar we spent on that seat, WAS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! "WOW" ---what a HUGE difference it made! We have done ALOT of riding, and a heck of a lot more than we did on our Silverado.

We have been to every state from Key West,FL to the tip of Nova Scotia & many more, including Tail of the Dragon, Mt Rushmore, Surgis, Devil's Tower, WY, Yellowstone & all the way to the top of Pike's Peak Colorado!! We've put over 40,000 miles on in just over 3 years! The seat is VERY comfortable and allows us to ride much greater time & distance with alot less pain! I HIGHLY recommend them! Thanks Russell!

We also had a custom built Escapade Excel MC Trailer from Open Road Outfitters! Dale was a pleasure to deal with! Plus my wife & I have torn our wing & trailer completely apart & installed over a thousand LEDs. They look AWESOME, and everywhere we go, people have to take our picture!!
Even in Disney World, people were more interested taking pics of OUR WING, than they were with Mickey Mouse!!...LOL

But the real reason we did it is to be SEEN and NOT hit. I did accident reconstruction, so I know the dangers of riding a bike & we want to be as visible as possible! When I see people texting & driving-it frustrates the hell out of us when we see it! PLEASE don't text while driving! Save a life!It might be OURS!

I am reviewing everything we buy from Wingstuff, there's ALOT! I hope you find it helpful. Although I have slowed down, I'm still finding things to add on a monthly basis, Thanks to my wife for not killing me ...LOL

BTW-Rodney at WS is the best! Thanks Rodney for all your help!!! & to Wingstuff, for helping make our wing an unforgettable ride!!

Maybe we'll see you on the open road! Drive Safe ! Ciao!!
Fav. Quote: "REALLY"???? AND, --In memory of my Dad--> Per Favore, Non Mi Rompe e'Coglioni,OO Grazie !!! Ciao!
Bikes: 2012 Honda Goldwing/ABS (White)
2008 Yamaha Roadstar Silverado S (Grey)
2005 Honda VTX 1300 R (Black)

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