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October 26, 2006
Location: Colbert, Washington
Occupation: Retired
About Me: My first Honda was a 150 CC. Didn't have much power, but it got me around. Tried a 350 Kawasaki enduro. but found I didn't like the enduro style. Bought a 1974 750 Honda, then later a 1987 1200 Aspencade, a 1996 1500SE, a 2004 1800ABS, and now have the 2005 Blue 1800 Anniversary Special.
I like to travel around paved back roads and on long distance travel will look for back roads to simply stay off the freeways.
I am a loner cyclist. Reason is I don't like riding in a string of bikes with cars wanting to pass and it holds them up. It is just not for me.
I am over 70 years old and have ridden over 500K miles. Other than a bike falling over on me standing still that's about it.
Riding makes you much more aware of your surroundings which increases your awareness driving a caged vehicle. So ride and ride safe.
Bikes: 2005 Honda Goldwing (Blue)

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