March 27, 2008
Location: Pelham, Alabama
Occupation: Retired Firefighter
About Me: Retired, but now drive a school bus at local highschool. Wife and I and friends from church ride the Blue Ridge almost every year. Went to a BMW Rally with a friend 2 years ago. Rode 2700 miles and saw a lot of the northern and eastern parts of the US I hadn't seen before. Penn. is beautiful. Especially Omish country. Virginia is not just for lover's. Great twisties and mountains. I love virgin territory. Been riding for 15 years. Goldwing is the only way to go.
Fav. Quote: I want to die in my sleep like my grandmother did, not screaming and yelling like the three passengers in her car.
Bikes: 2005 Honda Goldwing (Gray)

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