October 17, 2017
Location: MANASSAS, Virginia
About Me: Adventurous individual, 2-yrs ago I bought a trike and at the same time I became a rider after going to basic and trike school. My 1st long ride was the last 9-11 Ride. Attended my 1st WD-39 in Grapevine, TX., and I love it. Member of Chapter "I" in Manassas, VA. I have a wife for 41yrs., who is not interested in motorcycle and ridding, a Daughter, 2-Sons and 6-grand kids. Former USMC (1977 - 1981). Hispanic, Native from "Panama".
Fav. Quote: "To Determine Who Is My Friend I Have To Get To Know Myself First So I Can Offer Something Of Rich and Divine Value" (Alberto Cornejo)
Bikes: 1999 GW-1500 TRIKE (CANDY-APPLE-RED)

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