2018 Gold Wing Traxxion Suspension Upgrade // Install & First Reaction

June 4, 2018 - 01:59 PM

Join Rick as he travels from WingStuff HQ in San Clemente, California down to Woodstock, Georgia and visits Traxxion Dynamics. Rick was invited by Traxxion owner, Max McAllister to come get the suspension upgraded on his brand new 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT Model.

Rick already feels that the 2018 Gold Wing is the best handling Gold Wing he's ever ridden, but like any Gold Wing rider, is always on the look out for ways to improve the ride even more.

Shop Traxxion Dynamics Front Shock for 2018 Gold Wing Here


Shop Traxxion Dynamics Rear Shock for 2018 Gold Wing Here


Also, check out this quick video about the Traxxion Dynamics Steering Lock Pin:

About the product:

The steering lock pin for the 2018 Honda Gold Wing is designed so you can check the play in the steering system. The extra play typically comes from the two tie rods or a loose stem nut.

With the locking pin in place the fork assembly and the fork holder assembly are locked in place so you can measure the actuall amount of play in the steering components.

Made from stainless steel, to precise specifications. This tool will be one you can have and use for a very long time.

Shop Traxxion Dynamics Steering Lock Pin Here

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June 4, 2018 - 11:11 PM
Hi Rick, you have discovered the difference between craftsmanship & art. I had Max & the TD team install the ‘full monty’ on my 2010 wing ~3 yrs ago (~74k mi, now have 94k) & the ride, performance (I ride aggressive) & increased handling of the bike were incomparable! No more cupping or infamous ‘wing wobble’, only fun & better use of a well designed bike, except the suspension!! Two things I highly recommend to every Winger are: traxxion dynamics & centramatic balancers- worth every penny!

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