Rick's Reviews Episode 9: Frogg Toggs® - Road Toad™ Rain Suit

October 17, 2016 - 06:50 PM

In this 9th installment of Rick's Reviews, WingStuff.com's President and Founder Rick Arnoldo shares his insights on the Road Toad Rain Jacket and Pants by Frogg Toggs.

DriPore™ keeps you dry and comfortable while Frogg Eyzz™ reflective technology enhances visibility and safety at night and in inclement weather. The ultra-lightweight design also allows the suit to be compressed and stored in a Stuff Sack which fits easily into saddle bags. Guaranteed to stay dry at any speed!

Road Toad™ Action Rain Pant w/ reflective Frogg-Eyzz™ Piping:

  • Adjustable waist cord with cord lock on the pants as well as pass-through pockets

  • Extended 12" zippered leg openings can be easily pulled over boot or shoes

  • Frogg Eyzz™ reflective piping provides better visibility at night- Great for evening walks

  • Stuff sacks are sold separately.

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October 18, 2016 - 06:37 AM
Rick is the president and founder of WingStuff.com, Frogg Togg advertises with him and he sells Frogg Toggs. That equals to a positive review. I payed dearly for Frogg Toggs, was caught in a downpour, got soaking wet through the Frogg Toggs. Wore them one day with a threat of rain and sweated profusely. The third time I wore them the zipper broke. Choose wisely.
October 18, 2016 - 11:52 AM
We purchased 2 of these. The 2nd time I wore mine, the zipper broke. The back-up snaps are REALLY cheap and don't hold if you move. I'm going to attempt to sew Velcro where the snaps are so I don't have to purchase a new one right away. I will consider a higher quality one in the future since it's miserable not being comfortable when its raining while riding.
October 18, 2016 - 02:39 PM
My son and I have Frog Toggs. I am a geezer glider on a GL1800 and my son rides a VSTAR 1100. I avoid riding in the rain here in Washington state. However, if I get caught in the rain while riding the Frog Toggs have been working fine. My son has a lot more time in the rain with his Frog Toggs and discovered the zipper stop is not adequate. We got his zipper back on and I added zipper stud-stops on both of our Frog Toggs jackets. Other than that, they are adequate rain gear for our use.

February 6, 2017 - 01:57 PM
I have been using my Frog Toggs for 5 years. Been caught in huge downpours and regular rain. The only things that didn't stay dry were my gloves and boots that were not protected by the Frogg Toggs. I think they are great and recommend them to all my friends.
Never had and issues with zippers.
March 17, 2017 - 09:16 AM
I too have been using Frog Toggs for 5 years. I have never got wet using them, they pack up well in the sack and have had no problems at all. They dry quickly too.

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