Increased HP & Fuel Economy For Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle

This article was submitted by Nightrider.
January 31, 2008 - 01:42 PM
Fellow wing riders, most of us would like smoother roll on power and torque with an improvement of gas mileage. Am I right? Well then what you must have are a set of Wingstuffs TorqMaster Mufflers and the all important Torq Loopz pipes. I enjoy riding my Gold Wing now more than ever before and wanted to submit an honest review of what I think are must have items for the Honda GL1800 or GL1500 Gold Wing motorcycle. Hope you find this interesting and informational enough to be chosen for your Gold Wing News Blog.

The following is a copy of my letter to Wingstuff and the designer of TorqMaster Jimmy:
It was an enjoyable talking with you today. I am writing this letter to both of you as a personal and accurate testimonial to your great performance products.

Well, the beginning of my adventure with my 2007 Red Honda Gold Wing began with two things in mind. More chrome ( thanks Wingstuff ) and more power and speed with a better exhaust sound that is not too loud but rather an expectable level of noise (since this is a touring bike).

As I always do, I researched which distributor I trusted. Google earth told me that Wingstuff had a 25,000sq’ warehouse facility for stocking what I needed. After a few cautious purchases, They provided me with great customer service and realized they were to be trusted and made good recommendations when I spoke to them with questions by telephone before purchasing.

This is were Wingstuff and TorqMaster Exhaust enter the picture. I called and asked their sales group what product would give me more power without the usual air and fuel management system and trip to the Dyno. Hundreds of dollars not spent on the product but the items that made it work. TorqMaster Gold Wing Exhaust Products worked perfectly as just as told and recommended to me.

I listened to the recordings of the exhausts on the Wingstuff website and liked the sports car sound, not loud but business like. Since then I have put thousands of miles at 75 mph and above for sustained periods. Not only is the mellow rumble nice but the extra 2.5 miles per gallon additional looked great.

Another great thing is you can purchase optional quiet baffles that easily slip in or out of each end of the muffler. The optional baffles make them almost as quiet as stock anytime you want and they still have a nice tuned sound, just very quiet.

Most other exhausts your stuck with one sound, I like the flexibility of changing the sound anytime I want.  I personally enjoy the sound without the optional baffles, slightly louder than stock with a nice tuned sound that your restrictive stock mufflers could never produce.

The increase in horsepower and roll on Torque at low rpms was just amazing compared to before installation. I also recommend adding a high flow K&N Gold Wing Air Filter to deliver more air to the engine. Besides the GL1800 K&N and GL1500 K&N air filters are washable and last a lifetime. Stop buying new stock paper air filters each year and wasting your money, K&N will save you money in the long run and flows more air than any stock air filter, besides your engine will run stronger.

I also know many people who have also installed the GL1500 Torqmaster Power Mufflers along with the GL1500 TorqMonster have had similar outstanding increases in horsepower and gas mileage. I can see how important this would be for anyone with a Gold Wing Trike or riding two up fully loaded and pulling a Gold Wing Trailer.

For even safety reasons, imagine an 18 wheeler truck not seeing you and merging into your lane towards you and your wife, this extra power delivery will accelerate you out of harms way faster than ever before. More power and smoother power delivery is a no brainer for this bike as far as I'm concerned.

You will find by rolling the throttle at low rpms the engine will smoothly pull forward like never before. Although it made a huge difference in performance on my GL1800 Gold Wing, the GL1500 is not as powerful as the newer GL1800, so this power increase is especially perfect for those riding a Honda GL1500 Gold Wing as well. After installing these you will wish you did this a long time ago.

So I now enjoy riding my 2007 GL1800 even more than before, to hear my engine run to it's full potential is something every serious Gold Wing rider should consider. Now first and second gear send you briskly forward while three, 4 and 5 give you exactly what you would expect and enjoy from this awesome six cylinder engine. I am extremely impressed. Wow, I have rarely been able to say I got exactly what I paid for. I think your dyno numbers are low!

Thanks Wingstuff,

Sincerely, Charles C.
Orlando, Florida rider since 1956

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February 9, 2008 - 08:36 PM
Very Interesting!! Fred
March 8, 2008 - 01:57 PM
do they make it for 1200
March 23, 2008 - 09:14 AM
Does this set up require removing the cat. converters???
June 16, 2009 - 11:58 PM
I had the Torqmaster exhausts added prior to picking up my new 2008 Wing. I did not know what it road like prior to the new exhaust system. It is, even with the baffles louder that stock, as I compair it with others.

Makes the Wing sound like it IS as motorcycle.
August 25, 2010 - 09:29 AM
Both of these are great products and are easy to install. A little more power and gas milage and the sound is great as well.

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