Seeley Steering Damper Kit for GL1500, GL1800 Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle & Trike

June 13, 2009 - 01:05 PM

Wingstuff is offering Installation of Seeley Dampers at Wing Ding 31
Tulsa Oklahoma July 2nd-5th, 2009

Seeley Steering Damper Kit Now Available!

Here at Wingstuff we have researched and tested just about every Gold Wing suspension upgrade on the planet. We understand what upgrades work to make your bike handle better than you have ever imagined possible. We are very impressed with this direct bolt-on steering damper kit for anyone riding a Honda GL1500, GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle, especially if you ride a Gold Wing Trike.

Seeley Steering Dampers for Gold Wing & Gold Wing Trike 


As our other upgrades focus more on Gold Wing suspension, Seeley GL1500 & GL1800 Steering Stabilizer were designed specifically for steering shake riders sometimes complain about at certain speeds. The originally idea was to eliminate tire cupping, which in turn led to a superior handling Gold Wing motorcycle and Gold Wing Trike.

Our Wingstuff variety of proven Gold Wing suspension upgrades dramatically improve suspension and handling. However, front end shake and tire cupping need to be addressed more directly. Seeley steering dampers were designed and tested over thousands of miles to do just that.


Why Do I Need A Steering Damper

Ask yourself why most factory race teams depend on steering dampers on the race track. After installing the Seeley steering damper on your bike you'll be amazed on how smooth and effortless your steering feels.

Especially on Gold Wing Trike kits which have more pressure and stress on the front steering rake. In most cases, wobble or shake were eliminated after installation, providing the motorcycle tires and tire pressure were carefully checked along with steering stem bearings and all were inside factory specifications.

Paul Thede of Race Tech Suspension says it best: "The Best you’ve Ridden is the Best you Know"

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Seeley Steering Damper Kit With 22 Adjustment Settings


Seeley Steering Damper Company History

Walt Tjepkes, founder of Seeley owns a 2003 GL1800 and has been in mechanic/fabrication/design field for over 39 years. Walt applied his knowledge and experience to design the HyperPro damper to be a direct bolt-on product for the Honda GL1500 & GL1800 without drilling or any other modification.

The results of this effort produced a very clean mounting, with the convenience of a top dial with 22 settings of adjustment from the riders seat. In a stand alone application, the stabilizer provides outstanding stability, handling and tire wear improvement. Tire cupping was reduced or eliminated, while steering and handling increased.

Additional Suspension Upgrades for Gold Wing Are Still Needed

 Walt is convinced the need for additional suspension improvements besides his steering damper is also desperately needed for the GL1500 and GL1800 Gold Wing and Gold Wing Trike conversions.  Quote: I am convinced the addition of Spring, Fork Improvements and Rear Shock upgrades like Wingstuff currently offers, combined with my steering damper kit would produce the worlds most awesome handling GL1800 motorcycle.

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Wingstuff / Seeley Suspension Partnership

Seeley founder Walt Tjepkes realized he had a product every Gold Wing rider needed. Now it was time to find a company who shared his passion for Gold Wing motorcycles and improving it's suspension. He wanted a company focused on customer service and worldwide distribution infrastructure, speaking to industry people, Walt was recommended to

Our Wingstuff Motorcycle Service & Repair Facility ( has tested just about every Gold Wing suspension upgrade on the market. Our facility in Southern California is a Factory Authorized Installation Center for Traxxion , Progressive, Seeley and Race Tech suspension.

After installing and testing the Seeley steering damper we were all very impressed with the results!  We strongly recommend installation of this steering damper kits on every Honda Gold Wing or Trike.

Wingstuff is excited to see a product that is so needed and works so well in regards to steering and stability along with our other recommended suspension upgrades. By installing these upgrades you will be riding the worlds most awesome handling Gold Wing motorcycle ever built..

Key Features:

  • Front Fork Stability Control
  • 22 Settings for Fine Tuning
  • Adjustable From Driver's Seat
  • Race-Proven Technology
  • Patented Bracket Design
  • Bolt-on Installation
  • No Drilling Required
  • Improved Tire Life
  • Vastly-Improved Handling
  • Does NOT Affect Your Motorcycle's Warranty
  • Comes complete with all brackets, mounting hardware and installation instructions
  • 2-Year Warranty

The Honda GL1500 & GL1800 Gold Wing are among the worlds best touring motorcycles. However, many riders experience front fork steering instability problems, along with other suspension issues that can easily be improved.

Seeley uses the same technology used on many sport bikes and the LT1200 BMW touring bike that has a factory-installed damper. They developed the Steering Stabilizer utilizing the race-proven HyperPro™ steering damper. The desire was to eliminate front tire cupping. After installation riding down twisties, they were so impressed by the handling improvement, they almost forgot about the original issues leading to the development of this amazing product.

What is the Steering Stabilizer?
As wonderful as our Honda Gold Wings are, we also know that our front forks have instabilities, largely due to the dynamics of the rake and trail in search of cornering ability. The Steering Stabilizer is an ingenious damping device that solves that problem, making our fantastic touring bikes as close to perfect as you will ever find!

Is this Steering Stabilizer available for my Gold Wing Trike?
The Steering Stabilizer is currently available for the Honda GL1500 & GL1800 Gold Wing. It works great on both two-wheelers and trikes, or with a sidecar attached. NOTE - The GL1800 Steering Stabilizer is NOT compatible with GL1800 Airbag-Equipped motorcycles.

How does the Steering Stabilizer work?
Utilizing the race-proven HyperPro™ steering damper, the Steering Stabilizer uses hydraulic damping to stabilize the Gold Wing's front fork. It attaches directly to the front fork, damping the vibrations that cause undesirable handling characteristics.

Can I do my own installation?
The Steering Stabilizer is cleverly designed to bolt on without any drilling or modifications to your bike. No special tools are required, and our clear instructions can be followed by anyone with the mechanical skills typically needed for someone who does routine maintenance on their own bike. The Steering Stabilizer comes with complete installation instructions and can typically be installed in about 3 - 4 hours.

Will this affect my Gold Wing motorcycle warranty?
Absolutely not. Your Honda warranty will not be affected in any way by installing Seeley Products Steering Stabilizer.

Are there any other benefits to installing the Steering Stabilizer?
Besides providing a smoother, more comfortable ride, the Steering Stabilizer will also dramatically improve handling, making every aspect of riding your Gold Wing more enjoyable. As an added bonus, you will also experience noticeably improved tire life.

Install this Seeley Steering Damper Kit on your Gold Wing and see the difference, You won't be disappointed!

I was experiencing excessive wobble in my turns and went with the solution of having All Balls tapered steering stem bearings on my Honda GL1800. That solution lasted less than 3 months and the wobble returned. After installing the steering damper kit the problem has been resolved and I am enjoying my bike again.

We "wingers" buy these expensive GL1800 motorcycles for the comfort and performance. I'm glad someone developed a solution to my wobble issue. I would recommend this steering damper to everyone that has this problem!

J.M. GWRRA Chapter CA1F
San Diego, California

Thanks for installing the Steering Damper on my 2003 Honda GL1800 motorycle. The bike handles so much better now. The instability or wobble in those low speed turns is gone and it handles much better in high winds.

But the added feature is the improved tire wear. I had early stages of "cupping" on the front tire, but after putting on the steering damper, the tire started to wear out even. Thanks again, it's like a different bike now.

GWRRA Member # 270819

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June 18, 2009 - 11:21 PM
I have the original prototype of the GL 1500 Seeley Products steering stabilizer on my trike. The first time I took it out for a test ride I was amazed at how it rode and handled. It felt like I was on a differnt bike. The handling was greatly improved. I live on a winding, rough road, the stabilizer took away the twitching and and flexing that I before took as "normal" for my trike. I am very pleased with the performance and am enjoying riding considerably more.

Diane R.
January 30, 2010 - 05:35 AM
I have a 89 GL1500 with 30K miles with a 2000 motor trike conversion. Looking at theGL1500, GL1800 Seeley Steering Damper Kit With 22 Adjustment Settings.
Will this eliminate the hard steering as well as the front wobble out at low speeds?
I was told no and that I would have to rake the front out with a high dollar raking system.
August 13, 2016 - 12:12 AM
I have a 2003 gold wing that had a terrible low in wobble I installed the Seely stabilizer 8\12\16 took about 5hrs due to installing with my buddy after installation I took the wing out and right away the wobble was gone I have been dealing with this wobble for 2yrs just spent $1500 2 months ago on the front end and still had the wobble just spent $599 and all I can say is buy the product you won't be disappointed !! Yes no more wobble !! Thank you for this product !!

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